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Defending Orthodoxy
Three Part Series 
by Fr Peter Heers
A Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism

For the edification of our readers we are posting the “Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism” which many of us have signed along with thousands of others of various church rank. The document does not as yet have official endorsement. Had we been invited to participate in composing the document it is possible that we might have altered some of its expressions. However we are in full agreement in its essential points and overall direction. A failure to properly define the boundaries of the Church has serious ramifications for our pastoral work and the spiritual life of the flock. We hope that this and similar documents will elevate and clarify the awareness of believers of what it exactly means to be an Orthodox Christian.

 Archimandrite Luke
 Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery


For those interested in a detailed discussion see the following links.


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Thursday, 4 / 17 April
Holy Thursday
8:00 Canon and Prayers for Holy Communion
9:00 Vespers with Liturgy of St. Basil the Great
5:00 Small Compline
6:00 Supper
7:00 Matins with the reading of the 12 Passion Gospels
Friday, 5 / 18 April
Holy Friday
Royal Hours
2:00 Vespers with the Holy Winding Sheet ( supper after the service)
6:00 Small Compline with the Rule for Holy Communion
Saturday, 6 / 19 April
Holy Saturday
1:15 Wake-up Call
2:00 Matins
10:00 Vespers with Liturgy of St. Basil the Great (supper after the service)
8:00 Reading of the Book of Acts of the Apostles
11:15 Midnight Office
Sunday, 7 / 20 April
12:00 AM Paschal Matins and Divine Liturgy
12:00 PM Paschal Lunch
3:00 Vespers and Small Compline
6:00 Supper
6:30 Vespers and Matins
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