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The Funeral of Mitred Archpriest Wsewolod Drobot - 11/11/17

On Saturday, November 11 2017 the funeral and burial of Fr. Wsewolod took place at his beloved Holy Trinity Monastery.  Fr. Wsewolod was the rector of the Holy Nativity of the Mother of God parish in Albany for 50 years, but he also labored within the Holy Trinity Monastery, even earlier, partaking in many aspects of the life of the monastery.  So it was only fitting that the monastery served as the place of his funeral.

Mitered Archpriest Wsewolod Drobot Reposes in the Lord - 11/08/17

On Wednesday, November 08, 2017, at 5:30 EST, Mitered Archpriest Wsewolod Drobot (HTOS 1965) reposed in the Lord. Fr. Wsewolod was the retired rector of the Nativity of the Mother of God parish in Albany, NY, and presided as the new church building was completed.  Fr. Wsewolod was born on April 1, 1930 in Zaporozhiye, Ukraine.  He was a clergyman for 57 years from the time of his ordination to the diaconate.  He was a graduate of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary and lived in a house near the monastery with his family.  Fr. Wsewolod is survived by their seven children and seven grandchildren, his matushka Nadezhda having reposed in 2015. May God grant Fr. Wsewolod the Heavenly Kingdom!

The Liturgy of Saint James - 11/05/17

Today, when the Holy Church commemorates the memory of the Holy Apostle James, Brother of the Lord in the flesh, as has been customary in the monastery, the Liturgy of the Apostle James was concelebrated by the monastery clergy. This ancient liturgy, which was the basis of the liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great, impresses one with its great prayerfulness and a connection with the Old Testament.

November 25, 2017 - Pannikhida for the Heroes of the White Movement

On November 25, 2017 at 1:00pm, a pannikhida will be served by Hieromonk Gabriel in the cemetery church in memory of all of the heroes of the White Movement and all those who lost their lives under the Bolshevik yoke.  This is sponsored by the Union of the Descendants of the Heroes of Gallipoli with special significance, this being the hundredth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Name’s Day of Archimandrite Luke, Abbot of the Holy Trinity Monastery - 10/31/17

On October 31, the superior of the Holy Trinity Monastery, Archimandrite Luke, celebrated his Name’s Day in the usual way. He celebrated Divine Liturgy at the usual time in the morning, at 6AM. The noon-day meal was festive, at the end of which, Igumen Theophylact congratulated Fr. Luke in the name of the brotherhood, the professors and teachers of the seminary and our many pilgrims. After the monastic “mnogaya letiye,” all were invited to coffee and dessert in the former typographia, which gave a wonderful opportunity for monastics, seminarians, with the professors to engage in brotherly conversation.

20th Anniversary of the Death of Brother Jose - 10/28/17

This past weekend, October 28-29, was held the annual pilgrimage from Washington, D.C. along with pilgrims from Brooklyn, Lakewood, N.J. and many other parts of our country, to commemorate the tragic murder of the guardian of the Iveron Myrrh-streaming icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. This year had special resonance, it being the 20th anniversary of this sorrowful event.

Eastern American Diocese Clergy Conference - Fall 2017 - 10/23/17

The fall 2017 Eastern American Diocesan clergy conference was held in the Holy Trinity Monastery from October 23-26. The Hawaiian Myrrh-streaming icon of the Most Holy Theotokos was present from October 26 through the weekend, when the annual pilgrimage from Washington, D.C. took place.

The Feast of the Elevation of the Cross - 09/26/17

Some of the twelve great feasts of the Church come in two’s. Such was the case of the Transfiguration of Our Lord and the Dormition of the Theotokos, and so now also is the case of the Nativity of the Theotokos and the Exaltation of the Life-Giving Cross. At Holy Trinity Monastery the latter is celebrated with extra solemnity in that with the blessing of the Metropolitan, Archimandrite Luke is granted the right to perform the rite of the Elevation of the Cross, much to the spiritual joy of the monastics, the seminarians and the many faithful who attend this service, conducted toward the end of the All-Night Vigil.

The Blessing of Honey - 08/14/17

In the Greek Chasoslov (Orologion) of 1897 is explained thus the derivation of this feast: "By reason of the sicknesses, often everywhere occurring in August, from of old customarily it was done at Constantinople to carry out the Venerable Wood of the Cross along the roads and streets for the sanctifying of places and for the driving away of sicknesses. On the eve (31 July), carrying it out from the imperial treasury, they placed it upon the holy table of the Great Church (in honour of Saint Sophia – the Wisdom of God).


The Feast of St. Seraphim of Sarov - 08/01/17

On the feast of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Holy Trinity Monastery was granted a special blessing: during the feast day services, the brotherhood and faithful prayed before an icon of the beloved Russian saint with segments of his hair, a piece of the rock upon which he prayed, and a part of his clothing. The icon was placed for all to venerate in the middle of the church, and the akathist to St. Seraphim was sung before it during Matins.

The Feast of the Royal Martyrs - 07/17/17

This year, the monastery’s commemoration of the Royal Martyrs was especially festive. It must be noted that it was 99 years ago that they suffered for Christ.

Tonsure of Fr. Paul and Fr. Stephen - 07/10/17

On the eve of the Church commemoration of Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam (June 28 O.S.), the monastery had its own feast, the tonsure of Riassophore Monk John (Weeks) to the Small Schema and Novice Stephen (Manduke) to the Riassa.  This grace-filled event took place just as the Church is finishing the fast of the Apostles.

A Visit from the Nobile Farace Sisters - 06/15/17

On July 18 (N.S.), 1918, the day after the murder of the Russian Imperial family, the sister of the Empress, Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna, and other relatives of theirs, including the brothers, Princes Igor, Konstantin and Ioann Konstantinovich, were likewise killed by communist henchmen in Alpaevsk in the Ural Mountains area.  On June 15, 2017, two sisters, granddaughters of Prince Ioann, visited Holy Trinity Monastery for the first time.  

Pentecost 2017 at Holy Trinity - 06/04/17

With God's grace, Holy Trinity was able to celebrate with solemnity Pentecost weekend (June 3-6). The cathedral was festively decorated with freshly-cut saplings, some tall enough to reach the base of the dome. This very strikingly manifests the church's concept of recapitulation, as the entire universe has been transfigured through Christ and brought within the purview of the Church through the power of the Spirit Who gives life to all.

Icon Studio Roof Project Successful! - 02/13/17

Dear supporters and friends of our monastery,

We are happy to announce that our Icon Studio's roof has been successfully replaced! With your prayers and financial assistance, we were able to complete the project before the roof collapsed under the weight of the winter's snow. Therefore, we offer a sincere thank you for your generosity during this campaign.

Having completed this work, we are not only going to continue the iconographic ministry started by Fr. Kyprian Pyzhov but have plans to expand production. As part of this, we are currently updating our website to make it more user-friendly, facilitating access to the over 1000 icons we have available. With this change, we hope to make it easy for the faithful to purchase high-quality, low-cost icons or to simply browse the index for their own edification.

May God bless your generosity!

In Christ yours,

Archimandrite Luke, 



Restoration to St Seraphim Shrine Complete Thanks to Generous Donations - 11/22/16

The St. Seraphim Shrine has been refurbished through kind donations of pilgrims, many from our parish in Toronto.

Our Abbot, Fr Luke plans to add a few more embellishments and then proceed to repairs inside the shrine. 

God bless all of our pilgrims through the prayers of St. Seraphim!


In Christ,

Brotherhood of Holy Trinity Monastery


October 9, 2017 - A Film on the Life and Struggles of Archimandrite Antonine Kapustin

On Monday, October 9, at 5pm in the Seminary Hall, a film on the life and struggles of Archimandrite Antonine Kapustin will be shown.  Archimandrite Antonine is largely responsible for acquiring the properties held now by the Russian Mission in the Holy Land. The film is in Russian.


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