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Holy Trinity Monastery Response to Recent Actions of Ecumenical Patriarch
Holy Trinity Monastery Response to Recent Actions of Ecumenical Patriarch


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The Skete of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr in Jordanville
On the feast of the Annunciation, in 2010, Bishop Gabriel came to the Community of St. Elisabeth and read the Directive from the Synod whereby the community was elevated to the rank of a Skete. Mother Elisabeth was elevated to the rank of Mother Superior with the right to wear a cross and give blessings. The skete has come from humble beginnings. Mother Ioanna (Pomozanskaya) moved to Jordanville when she retired from teaching at the University in Vermont.  Mother Elizabeth came to Jordanville the first time in order to attend a St. Herman’s pilgrimage.

Metropolitan Laurus blessed the beginning of the Community of St. Elisabeth, and in December 1987 made the two first novices, Mother Ioanna, daughter-in-law of Fr Micheal Pomazansky, and Mother Elisabeth, now Mother Superior.

The sisters took on a quiet and unassuming role in the community.  As novices, Mother Ioanna taught in the seminary and Mother Elisabeth worked in the cemetery and started sewing cassocks for the members of the monastery.   Today, the sisters continue to sew cassocks and vestments, other obediences include making incense and candles, gardening, embroidery, painting icons, as well as restoring antique icons.  Currently, there are four nuns, all tonsured by Metropolitan Laurus

The skete is located on the property of Holy Trinity Monastery, on Route 167 between the monastery guesthouse and the Cathedral.  There are four houses, which contain the sister’s cells, and the various workshops.  On the second floor of one of the houses, there is a small house chapel dedicated to St. Elisabeth the New Martyr.  Women wanting to attend our church services should call ahead for the schedule.  We are hoping to build a small church in the future.

Women interested in staying at the skete should call (315) 858-2208 as there is limited room for guests.
Visitors are invited to visit the small kiosk located in one of the houses, which is open from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm daily.
Please visit for more information.

The Skete of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr in Jordanville - 04/07/10

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Holy Prophet Elias
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