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Past and Present Renovation Projects

Current High-Priority Repairs, Remodeling, Renovation Issues:

  • New plumbing system for main monastic building (replacement of all drain pipes from 4th floor to basement, replacement of hot/cold main black water-lines from origination points in basement to 4th floor): $30,000 minimum for materials, not including labor (labor cost contractor estimates are difficult to assess due to unknown variables, hidden costs, unexpected issues. Conservative labor estimates start at a minimum of $30,000 to $50,000);
  • Complete demolition and remodeling of bathrooms on 3rd and 4th floors (as dictated by new plumbing system);
  • New rewiring of electrical system for main church originating at new panel: (labor cost contractor estimates are difficult to assess due to unknown variables, hidden costs, unexpected issues. Conservative estimates start at a minimum of $22,000 and up);
  • Repair of main church roof on south side: $30,000 minimum;
  • New installation of septic system from main monastic building according to NY State inspection: $57,000;
  • Replacement of all 117 windows in main monastic building: $75,800 based on conservative estimates dated 02/2015;
  • Replacement of one boiler in main monastic building (recommendation dated 2 years ago): 11,000
  • Replacement of one boiler in house 1435 St. Rt.167 ( recommendation dated 2 years ago): 5,800
  • Repair septic system Dormitory building : 3,400                                         
  • Installation NYSEG : power for cemetery chapel, house, new cemetery: 19,700
  • Installation new service from electric pole: 12,900

If you would like to donate to a specific project please contact the monastery.

Past Projects

Below is a short report on the major expenditures that have been incurred over the last 24 months:

  • Repairs of main church roof made in three phases on North side: $39,000;
  • Installation of new commercial boiler for office building: $11,250;
  • Repairs of cemetery chapel include façade, main dome, floor, new stucco: $27,000;
  • Repairs of 4-car garage roof: $11,000;
  • Repairs of main garage next to main monastic building included siding, windows, & insulation: $26,000;
  • Installation of new filtering system in main building: $5,500;
  • Installation of climate control system for archives and library: $14,000;
  • Repairs of main church’s masonry: $19,000;
  • 2nd phase of tank removal (2014-2015) & soil decontamination/removal: $460,000;
  • Replacement of stucco on main church: $18,400;
  • Renovation of house no. 147B from water damage: $21,000;
  • New flat roof main building :$ 13,000
  • Replacement seven pressure tanks :$ 10,000   
  • Total = $675,150.00
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