Talks by Fr. Peter Heers at Holy Trinity Monastery (In English) - Friday April 27 4 -7PM
Talks by Fr. Peter Heers at Holy Trinity Monastery (In English) - Friday April 27 4 -7PM


Holy Trinity Monastery will be hosting two talks by Father Peter Heers. The talks will be held at the Hall of Holy Trinity Seminary
Friday April 27 2012 4 – 7 PM

Baptism and the Church: An Orthodox Analysis of The Ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council

This talk will include an historical-theological review of the path taken to arrive at the new ecclesiology of Vatican II as well as a theological analysis and critique of the new ecclesiology. Our examination will include: the historical background of the council, its stated aims, the theologians who were behind the decrees, the impact of the new ecclesiology on the ecumenical movement and the Orthodox reaction to date. The questions which we will attempt to  answer include: How does the new ecclesiology of Vatican II differ from the Orthodox, patristic view of the Church? Is the new ecclesiology a return to the ancient Western view of Baptism and the Church expounded by Blessed Augustine, as has been claimed? Does the Orthodox Church recognize as her own the Baptism of schismatics or heretics? What is the consensus patrum?

Coffee break for 20 minutes followed by the talk below

The Message of the Elder Paisios for Orthodox Christians in America Today

This talk will introduce the life, spiritual personality and teaching of one of the greatest elders of the 20th century. Issues which are especially important for Orthodox in America will be touched upon, such as: the Church in the modern world, the Elder's encounters with religions of the world: Buddhism, Hinduism, and Heterodoxy, our responsibility to stand for truth in society, human justice vs. divine justice, philotimo vs. egotism, and spiritual heroism, among others. The aim of the lecture will be to both introduce the new biography and assist the faithful in understanding the challenges of the times and the Church's proper response to these. Fr. Peter will be speaking to us upon the occasion of the release of the long-awaited publication of the definitive "Life" of Elder Paisios. Copies of the new book will be available at the lecture.

Biographical Note:

Fr. Peter Alban Heers is the founder and first to serve as editor of Divine Ascent, A Journal of Orthodox Faith, and the founder and current head of Uncut Mountain Press. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the Theological School of the University of Thessalonica, where he has also completed is undergraduate studies and Masters degree in Dogmatic Theology. He is the rector of the parish of the Holy Prophet Elias in Petrokerasa, a small village in the mountains outside of Thessalonica, Greece. He is co-responsible for the translation of the new "Life" of Elder Paisios of Mount Athos, by Hieromonk Isaac, which will be available for purchase at the lectures.

Directions using GPS : Holy Trinity Monastery, 1407 Robinson Road, Mohawk, NY 13407

Attendance is compulsory for students and open to the public

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