Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary Convocation September 12, 2012; 2 - 4 pm
Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary Convocation September 12, 2012; 2 - 4 pm

Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary
September 12, 2012; 2 - 4 pm
Dedicated to the 100th  year anniversary
 of the second edition to
Antoniades’ Patriarchal Greek New Testament


· Opening Prayer
 Fr. Luke 3 min

· Biblical Readings of the Day in Greek & Old Church Slavonic
 Students 10 min

· Introduction – The Antoniades Text and its reception
 Dr. Adamou 20 min

· The Byzantine Tradition of the Greek New Testament & the work of Antoniades
  Dr. Maurice Arthur Robinson 60 min

· The Greek text of NT in the Fathers of the Church
 Dr. Fr. Dragas 30 min

· Distribution of the 100th year Anniversary edition of the Greek New Testament to the students 5 min

· Closing Remarks
 Fr. Luke 10 min


Holy Trinity Seminary of Jordanville, NY will officially begin its academic year of 2012 - 2013 marking the 100th anniversary of the second edition of the Patriarchal text of the New Testament by the memorable professor of Chalke Mr. Vasileios Antoniades which was published by the expense of the Patriarch of Constantinople Constantine the 5th and pious Christians. At the same time it honors the students who have shown especial zeal for the learning of the ecclesiastical text of the New and Old Testament which they use at the same time with the Slavonic translation, which is the only translation that was made in the Church without there being schisms and dogmatic conflicts. The seminarians use both the Greek and the Slavonic text understanding that the translations in English do not fully convey the depth of  various particularities of  the Greek text.  They use this knowledge in the theological as well as practical  - pastoral subjects of the school. Beginning this year they will also be  exposed to the Greek text of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

Holy Trinity Seminary called as the guest speaker, the Senior Professor of New Testament and Greek, Mr. Maurice Arthur Robinson of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who is well known from the publication of the Byzantine  Greek text of the New Testament. Mr. Robinson, apart from this publication has published more than 35 related academic articles and recorded the entire New Testament in Greek  

Other people contributing to the presentation are the Very Rev. George Dragas who will be  talking about the text of the New Testament and the Fathers of the Church and Dr. Nicholas Adamou who will be talking about the Byzantine tradition of the Greek New Testament and the work of Antoniades.

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