Great Thursday - 01/04/10


Nativity 2010- Photo Report - 01/07/10


Ordination to the Diaconate - 01/09/10

On January 9, 2009, His Grace Bishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada ordained to the diaconate Andrew Doubleday at Holy Trinity Monastery.

We wish the newly ordained deacon many years and a fruitful service to the Church.

Priest Rodion reposed in the Lord - 01/11/10

On January 11, 2009, Priest Rodion Aragon from Costa Rica reposed in the Lord after battling with cancer of the stomach for many months.

In the period of time he spent at Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary he gained the love and respect of all. His kindness, willingness to help, humility and positive outlook even amidst suffering was an example to all of us.

We wish Gods help to his Matushka Elena and son Arsenii and the faithful in Costa Rica for their loss of a loving father. May God grant rest to his soul.

Theophany 2010 Photo Report - 01/19/10


Kursk Icon Visits Holy Trinity Monastery - 01/24/10

On Sunday January 24 the Kursk Root Icon was brought to the Monastery by Archpriest Sergei Lukianov. The icon was met by the brotherhood and laity in the evening and a moleben and Akathist was served in the Monastery's cathedral. Following the service Fr Serge gave a moving presentation in the seminary hall of the icon's visit to Russia. May the Mother of God help us and bless the efforts of Fr Serge in taking the icon to as many parishes as possible for the edification of the faithful.

Great Friday - 02/04/10


Feast of the Three Hierarchs - 02/11/10


First Week of Great Lent - Photo Report - 02/20/10


Sunday of Orthodoxy - 02/21/10

Holy Saturday - 03/04/10


Third Sunday of Great Lent - Veneration of the Precious Cross - 03/07/10


A photographic Memorial of Metropolitan Laurus - 03/16/10

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the repose of Metropolitan Laurus we offer to his many spiritual children a photographic memorial of our beloved father as we all remember him - a true servant of the Church of Christ and a loving Father.

Memory Eternal!

Great Canon of Saint Andrew - 03/16/10


Pannykhida on the second anniversary of the repose of Metropolitan Laurus - 03/17/10


Palm Sunday - 03/28/10


Pascha at Holy Trinity Monastery - 04/04/10

Bright Monday - Photo Report - 04/05/10


Radonitsa - 04/06/10

On Tuesday of St. Thomas week a general commemoration of the dead was held at Holy Trinity Monastery. For more information about Radonitsa click here

Annunciation of the Mother of God - 04/07/10

 On the feast of the Annunciation of the Mother of God, His Grace Bishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada served at Holy Trinity Monastery. Monk Theophan of Holy Trinity Monastery was made a subdeacon. May God help him to worthily serve the Church.

The Skete of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr in Jordanville - 04/07/10

On the feast of the Annunciation, in 2010, Bishop Gabriel came to the Community of St. Elisabeth and read the Directive from the Synod whereby the community was elevated to the rank of a Skete.

Holy Trinity Seminary Journal "Troitskoe Nasledie" - 04/30/10

The first issue of the Holy Trinity Seminary Journal "Troitskoe Nasledie" has recently appeared. It is a quarterly edition in full-color with volume of 80 pages. This journal is in Russian.For more information in Russian, please visit www.hts.edu/nasledie. 

Bishop Daniel of Erie Reposed in the Lord - 05/12/10

His Grace Bishop Daniel reposed in the Lord on April 26. For more information please visit the Eastern American Diocese here and here

May the Lord grant rest to his soul among the righteous.

Pentecost and Holy Spirit Monday - Photo report - 05/23/10

For more information click here

62nd Commencement of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary - 05/30/10

Click here for more info

Deacon Vladislav Naumkin's ordination to the priesthood - 06/16/10

See the Seminary's website for more info

Tonsures at Holy Trinity Monastery - 07/02/10

On the eve of the Feast of St John of Shanghai and San Fransisco, Archimandrite Luke tonsured Br. Daniel and Br. Dionysy to Rassophore monks. Fr Luke wished the newly tonsured monks to be persistent and consistent in their daily struggles, to turn to Christ, the mother of God and the saints for support. May God help and establish Fr. Daniel and Fr Dionysy in the monastic life.

Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore - 07/10/10

The Monastery's Bookstore is now online.
Please visit us at: bookstore.jordanville.org

Feast Day of St. Peter and Paul - Photo Report - 07/12/10


Summer Youth Program 2010 - 07/17/10

Holy Trinity Summer Youth Program 2010 report by Ephraim Willmarth, Program Coordinator

From June 27 to July 17, 2010, Holy Trinity Monastery conducted the summer youth program for the second year since its reinstatement. Nine boys ages fourteen to seventeen participated, which was a larger group than the previous year. They came from both nearby New York and New Jersey, and from far and wide, including Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, and Ontario, Canada. They lived at Holy Trinity Monastery for three weeks, keeping a schedule similar to that of seminarians. They prayed with the monastic brotherhood daily, served in the altar, shared common meals, and helped at various monastery obediences. In addition, there was time for play, with sports, swimming, and official outings such as a trip to underground caves and a ride on a historic railroad. The boys had the opportunity to become familiar with the members of the monastic brotherhood. They listened to stories about several of the notable monks who have reposed, as told by Protodeacon Victor Lochmatow, who knew them all personally. The boys participated in discussions and lectures daily about spiritual, moral, and practical topics relevant to their lives. These were led by visiting white clergy and monastic clergy from the monastery. In spite of somewhat different cultural backgrounds, and the fact that most of these boys had never met each other before, the group was united by a desire to be at Holy Trinity Monastery, and by their common faith. They made a manly effort to keep the schedule and did diligent work. Members of the brotherhood had only positive comments about their willingness to work and their good behavior in the altar. The boys themselves commented positively about the program, and expressed a desire to return next year.

Feast Day of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr - 07/18/10


Second Issue of Troitskoe Nasledie - 08/06/10


Three Part Series "An Introduction to the Dogmas and Methods of Ecumenism" by Fr Peter Heers - 08/06/10

The Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God - Photo Report - 08/28/10


Labor Day Weekend 2010 - Photo Report - 09/04/10


Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross (Photo Report) - 09/27/10


Feast of the Holy Protection - Photo Report - 10/14/10


Feast Day of the Holy Apostle Luke - 10/30/10

On October 30 - 31 when the Holy Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Apostle Luke, our monastery was visited  with the  Myrrh Streaming Hawaii Icon, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, pilgrims from the St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Washington DC and the wife of the murdered missionary priest Daniel Sysoev in Russia.

On Saturday at 3PM a pannykhida was served in memory of Br. Joseph, the keeper of the Iveron myrrh streaming icon, who was murdered in 2007.

His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion served vigil and all with much reverence and joy venerated the myrrstreaming icon of the Mother of God from Hawai.

On Sunday His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion ordained Hierodeacon Gabriel to the priesthood for the needs of the monastery. At the end of the Liturgy His Eminence congratulated the Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery, Archimandrite Luke on his name's day and wished him much strength and wisdom to continue his difficult duties as Abbot. He congragulated the newly ordained Hieromonk Gabriel and thanked God for the blessing of having the myrrhstreaming icon of the mother of God  visit the monastery on the anniversary of the death of Br. Joseph. This icon from Hawai by God's providence began to stream myrrh a number of years ago and has since been a comfort and support to those who turn to the Mother of God in faith and humility.

At 2:30PM a video was shown about the life of the Priest Daniel Sysoev and at the end his wife Julia answered questions about her husband.

Another Pannykhida was served after the video presentation at the graveside of Br. Joseph after which  the pilgrims from Washington departed.

We thank God for such blessings to visit our monastery.

Feast Day of St. john of Kronsdat - 11/01/10

On the Feast of St. John of Krondstadt the Abbot of the Monastery and sisters of the Skete of St. Elizabeth celebrated an early morning Divine Liturgy at the chapel in the Monastery forest dedicated to the Saint (and his patron St. John of Rila). Despite the freezing temperature, 27 degrees (the church is not heated and without electricity) we thank God that in this modest way we were able to glorify the Saint's memory and the church dedicated to his name.

The sisters prepared a festive breakfast at their Skete for the Abbot and women attending the service.

Third Issue of "Troitskoe Nasledie" - 11/04/10

The third issue of "Troitskoe Nasledie" is now available. For more information in Russian click here.

25th Anniversary of the Repose of the Ever Memorable Metropolitan Philaret - 11/21/10

On November 21, on the feast of the Synaxis of the Holy Archangel Michael and the Bodiless Hosts, His Grace Bishop Jerome of Manhattan precided at the services at Holy Trinity Monastery. This day  marked the 25th anniversary of the repose of the ever memorable Metropolitan Philaret who is buried in one of the crypts below the main cathedral. After the Liturgy His Grace Bishop Jerome accompanied by clergy served a pannykhida at the grave of Metropolitan Philaret. May his memory be eternal and his life serve as an inspiration and example  of true piety and faith.

Crypt of Metropolitan Philaret

Entrance of the Theotokos of the Mother of God - 12/04/10

On  Saturday December 4, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion and His Grace Bishop George of Mayfield served at Holy Trinity Monastery for the feast of the Entrance of the Mother of God. Fr Sergio Sette was ordained to the priesthood by His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion during the Liturgy. Fr Sergio completed his studies at Holy Trinity Seminary in 2010 and God willing will be going to serve the Church in Argentina in the near future. May God grant the newly ordained Fr Sergio much strength and zeal to serve the Church for the salvation of souls.

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