Holy Nativity in Holy Trinity Monastery
Holy Nativity in Holy Trinity Monastery

The feast of the Holy Nativity is celebrated with great solemnity in our monastery. 

During the fore feast, all of the monastery and seminary buildings are thoroughly cleaned.  Every evening, at Compline, a special canon is read to prepare us for the upcoming feast.

Christmas trees are set up by the monastery trapeza, in the bishop’s office and in the seminary dormitory. Lights are set up on bushes and trees around the belltower, the church and the trapeza. 

On the Eve of Nativity, all church coverings are changed to white.  In the kitchen, one of the fathers prepares the traditional Christmas main dish, aspic of fish (Kholodets). 

 All residents of the monastery and seminary are expected to partake of the mysteries of Confession and Holy Communion on the Eve and on the feast day itself.  This year, due to the feast falling on a Sunday, the Royal Hours were served on Friday.  On Saturday, we had the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, followed by Great Vespers for Holy Nativity.  During the eight Old Testament readings, praises were sung.  No lunch was served on this day, the custom being to wait until the first star appears in the heavens before eating.  At 5PM, a formal supper was served with all of the brethren dressed in their formal habits.  Presents from the abbot were handed out.  Traditional dishes of kutya and stewed, dried fruit among other dishes were served.

At 7PM, all gathered in church for the All-Night Vigil.  Despite the inclement weather, many pilgrims joined the brethren, seminarians and neighbors for this glorious service of special and joyous hymns. 

At 9AM was the meeting of the bishop, his vesting, followed by the Hours and the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil.  Despite certain difficulties, the choir under the direction of Hierodeacon Methodius did a wonderful job of singing.  The church was decorated with boughs, many flowers, especially donated poinsettias from the Clark Foundation in Cooperstown. 

The liturgy was followed by a festive meal.  At the end of the meal, there was a reception in Vladyka’s office, which started with a short moleben, with the singing of carols, organized by Protodeacon Michael Pavuk, family and neighbors, who during the next few days were prepared to bring the joy of Nativity to some of our neighbors.

Thanks to God’s mercy everyone felt joy due to the coming of snow after a very rainy season so far, and we all thank God for His great mercy in being able to celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord Incarnate with the singing of beautiful hymns and partaking of His great bounty and community.

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