Burial of Archbishop Alypy
Burial of Archbishop Alypy
May 6th, 2019

On April 28, 2019, the first day of Holy Pascha, His Eminence, Archbishop Alypy, reposed in the Lord.  Thus ended the heavy cross born by Vladyka for many years, after a tragic accident, after which he became an invalid.  

Vladyka Alypy was the last of the group of monastics, who came to the Holy Trinity Monastery after World War II, from a devastated Europe.  His autobiography can be found on the website of the Chicago diocese of ROCOR. In the monastery he was best known as an iconographer, helper of the famous Archimandrite Cyprian, and also as a teacher of Church Slavonic, for which he composed a text book, which is used to this day in the Holy Trinity Seminary in its English translation and also in Russia.

In 1974 Vladyka was consecrated Bishop of Cleveland, vicar for the Chicago and Midwestern-American diocese.  Upon the retirement of Archbishop Seraphim, he succeeded him as ruling bishop. Vladyka expressed his desire that upon his death he be buried in his former home, the Holy Trinity Monastery.

On May 1, Archbishop Peter, the current ruling bishop of Chicago and the Midwestern American diocese, arrived at the monastery to preside at the burial of Vladyka Alypy, the funeral having been previously served in the Chicago cathedral of the Protection of the Mother of God.  On Friday, May 3, a solemn divine liturgy was con-celebrated by Archbishop Peter and Bishop Luke, the abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery along with clergy both from the Chicago diocese and also from the monastery. After the liturgy there was lunch, and at 1PM a Paschal pannikhida was served for the repose of Vladyka Alypy.  Burial in the monastery monastic cemetery followed, attended by pilgrims from the Chicago diocese as well as neighbors and pilgrims of the monastery.

And so our monastery cemetery is enriched by the grave of still another bishop of our Church Abroad, where so many of Vladyka’s brethren are also resting, awaiting the future Resurrection of the dead.  May Archbishop Alypy’s memory be eternal, and may he rest among the saints until the second coming of the Lord.

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Burial Archbp. Alypy - 05/06/19

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