Feast of Pentecost 2023
Pentecost 2023

            Pentecost is the patronal feast of the Holy Trinity Monastery.  More exactly, Holy Spirit Day, the 2nd day of Pentecost is the patronal feast of the cathedral of the Holy Trinity.  This feast traditionally Is celebrated in the monastery with great solemnity.  

            On June 3 in the evening, the All-Night Vigil was celebrated with the usual singing of many special melodies and hymns as form part of the tradition of the monastery.  In addition, the serving of the litya, between the vespers part of the vigil and matins, was accompanied by a procession around the church, stopping at the four corners with the petitions.  

            His Grace Bishop Luke, our abbot, served the Polyleos.  There were many pilgrims, who had arrived from all over to participate in this special feast of the monastery.

            On the feast day itself, Sunday, there were two liturgies, with the early one at 6AM for those who needed to work the rest of the morning.  After the Covid crisis of the past couple of years, it was so wonderful to return to the usual joy and solemnity of our feast.   There were a number of groups who came to sell foods and wares during the morning and afternoon, taking advantage of the crowds of pilgrims.  Even the weather facilitated the festivities with cool but sunny weather.  

            The main liturgy in the cathedral, headed up by Vladyka Luke, was celebrated at 9AM.  On this feast, he was met with solemnity by the clergy, who processed to the main monastery staircase to accompany him to the cathedral.  As they returned to the church, the bells of the belltower pealed, and the clergy sang the troparion of the feast.

            The cathedral was decorated with tree branches and flowers, a custom going back to the Old Testament.  The hours and Divine Liturgy were served accompanied by the wonderful singing of the monastery choir.  After the dismissal the 9th Hour was served, followed by Great Vespers, at the beginning of which, bouquets of flowers were handed out by Vladyka to the clergy.  During this service, there were three kneeling prayers, calling upon the Holy Spirit. 

            At the end of the liturgy, Vladyka greeted all the pilgrims and invited them to join the brotherhood in the refectory meal.  

            In the late afternoon Compline was served with the canon to the Holy Spirit.  After the evening meal, Matins was served.  His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas arrived at the monastery to head up the Divine Liturgy on the morrow, the day of the Holy Spirit.  Vladyka Luke concelebrated with him as well as the monastery clergy, joined by many clergy from all over the diocese.  More pilgrims arrived to participate in the feast.  During the liturgy, Deacon Dimitri Pavlenko, was ordained to the priesthood.  He is going to be the pastor of a new mission in North Carolina.  

            At the end of the liturgy, the service was followed by a moleben to the Holy Trinity and procession around the church.

          Vladyka Metropolitan emphasized that the monastery is the “lavra” of the Church Abroad, a place which prays for countless numbers of people, where many receive spiritual renewal and asked for the support of the monastery.  Vladyka Luke also thanked all those who came for the monastery feast and asked for their support and prayers.  Then all were again invited to the monastery lunch, which was followed by a reception outside with  desserts and beverages offered, thus continuing the joyful celebration.  Glory to God for all things!

            His Eminence, Vladyka Nicholas, stayed for the Third Day of Trinity and concelebrated the liturgy once again with Bishop Luke, thus completing the traditional three-day celebration of Pentecost, completing the joy of the brotherhood for their patronal feast as well as that of our many pilgrims and well-wishers.


Holy Spirit Day
Third Day of Pentecost
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