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Paschal Greetings from the Brotherhood of Holy Trinity Monastery - 04/22/14

Paschal Greetings from the Brotherhood of Holy Trinity Monastery.

Christ is Risen!

Bright Monday 2014 - Photo Report - 04/21/14

Having slept in the flesh as a mortal, O King and Lord, Thou didst rise on the third day. Thou didst raise up Adam from corruption and abolish death, O Passover of incorruption, Salvation of the world!

Pascha 2014 (Photo and Video Report) - 04/20/14

It is the day of Resurrection; let us be radiant, o ye peoples; Pascha, the Lord's Pascha; for Christ God hath brought us from death to life, and from earth to Heaven, as we sing the triumphal hymn.

Holy Saturday 2 am Lamentations Matins and Vesperal Liturgy - 04/19/14

He who closed the abyss lies before us dead; and as a corpse the Immortal is wrapped in linen with sweet spices and laid in a tomb. The women came to anoint Him with myrrh, weeping bitterly and crying: "This is the most blessed Sabbath on which Christ sleeps, but on the third day He shall rise again."

Good Friday Royal Hours and Vespers (Photo and Video Report) - 04/18/14

​"Noble Joseph, taking down Thy most pure Body from the Tree, and having wrapped It in clean linen and covered It with spices, laid It in a new tomb."

Roof Insulation of Monastic Dormitory Complete - 02/09/14

The insulation of the roof of the monastic dormitory is now comple.

New Internet Fiber Optic Cable Delivered for Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary - 01/13/14

On December 30 2013 Verizon delivered into the monastery Fiber Optic cable which will serve for the expanding needs of the Publications Office and Bookstore,  Seminary and new Phone System...

Delivery of Insulation for Roof of Monastic Dormitory - 01/13/14

On December 23 2013 we received a delivery of insulation for the roof of the monastic dormitory. Unfortunately the whole building is not insulated and much heat is being lost due to this. We are now in the beginning stages of insulating parts of  the building to bring sown the cost of heating.

New Boiler and Pumps for West Side of Monastic Dormitory - 01/13/14

The old boiler for heating  was replaced in the west side of the monastic dormitory along with all the pumps in December of 2013.  This project cost $12,000.

West side of Monastic Dorm Building Plumbing Work - 01/10/14

 A lot of the plumbing work for the new building on the west side of the monastic dormitory has been completed. Initially water softeners were installed a few months ago and now many of the pipes that were partially clogged with various deposits were replaced.


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