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Liturgy of St. Mark - 05/08/17

On Monday, May 8th the faithful at Holy Trinity Monastery Celebrated the Divine Liturgy of St. Mark the Evangelist in honor of his feast day. In the Orthodox Church there are three orders for the Divine Liturgy that are celebrated in every parish—those of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, and the Presanctified Liturgy of St. Gregory the Dialogist. But in addition to these three there are also several other, rarer Liturgies, characteristic of certain places or celebrated on certain days. In recent years the Liturgy of St. James has become increasingly known and celebrated; akin to it is that of St. Mark.


The Divine Liturgy of St. Mark is the ancient, traditional main Liturgy of the Orthodox Church of Alexandria. With the discovery of a papyrus from the end of the fourth century in 1928, it also has the most ancient documentation of any Orthodox Liturgy still in use. This is the Liturgy of the great hierarchs of Alexandria, whose names occur constantly in our Church calendar: Ss. Athanasius the Great, St. Cyrill of Alexandria, St. John the Almsgiver, and countless others. St. Anthony the Great and the Desert Fathers prayed at this Liturgy, and knew and loved its prayers.

Христос Bоскресе! Christ is Risen! - 04/16/17

On these last three days of Holy Week, the depth and poignancy of the period descended upon the monastics and seminarians, and a profound spirit of silence and contemplation permeated everyone and everything. Beginning with Great and Holy Thursday and the Liturgy of St. Basil that culminated with the foot-washing service, these days were festive with services, including the Matins with the readings of the 12 gospels, Royal Hours, Vespers with the Holy Winding Sheet, 2:00 am Lamentations, the Reading of the Book of Acts, and the Great and Holy Saturday Midnight Office. After being slowly enveloped in the ethos of Holy Week with a complete cycle of Lenten services, everyone was even more struck by the triumphant and joyous arrival  of Pascha at midnight. Truly, Christ’s Resurrection was worthily glorified! Christ is Risen!


To complete the Paschal service, the monastics, seminarians, and all the faithful pilgrims proceeded into the trapeza for the Paschal breakfast. We thank Christ for His saving Resurrection and gathering His faithful for this blessed and Great Feast. We also pray that all our friends have had an equally edifying Lent and Pascha!




Palm Sunday at Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary - 04/09/17

With God's grace, another Pascha approaches, and intensifying their preparations for the Great Feast, the monastics and seminarians of Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary began Holy Week with a joyous Palm Sunday. At the end of the All-Night Vigil on Saturday evening, the faithful were anointed with holy oil and received a candle, a palm, and a pussy willow. Starting on Holy Monday, there will be continuous services at the Cathedral in the mornings and evenings.


As Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem marks the beginning of His path to Crucifixion and Resurrection, we are invited to follow the journey from the temporal glory of the King’s procession into His capital, to the daily unfolding of His betrayal, and into the Eternal glory of God’s redemption for all of mankind. As is always important to remember, Judas’ betrayal and the Lord’s Crucifixion are striking events that should exhort us to repentance and ascetic struggle while the Resurrection is the embodiment of God’s promise for those who struggle to the end. We pray that all have a very edifying Holy Week and a joyous Pascha!

The Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos - 04/07/17

The Faithful at Holy Trinity Monastery celebrated the blessed feast of the Annunciation on the Friday before the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Today the Archangel announces to the Theotokos that She will conceive a son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.  This is the “fountainhead of our salvation and the manifestation of the mystery which was from before the ages.” 
So let us Cry out with the archangel to the Theotokos “Rejoice!” for She bears in Her womb He who the heavens cannot contain--the Saviour of the world; and let us set our minds on Christ as we approach His Divine Passion and Resurrection--the saving acts of our Lord for the salvation of the world.

Mystery of Holy Unction - 04/04/17

This Tuesday (4/4/17), the Mystery of Holy Unction was provided to the faithful in the lower church of Holy Trinity Cathedral. Although the service began at 3pm when many people are still at work, the church was filled to capacity and even overflowing by the time the Mystery was administered.


Performed by most parishes once a year during the last weeks of Lent, the service of the Holy Unction is unique, as it offers Orthodox Christians in a public service what is usually only available privately at times of extreme illness. At Holy Trinity Monastery, it is performed completely with the seven priests called for by the rubrics. Prayers and supplications to the saints (especially to those who are known for their miraculous healings) culminate in the faithful’s making a circuit around the church to be anointed with holy oil by each of the priests. The priests anoint their foreheads, eyes, cheeks, ears, chest, and the tops and palms of the hands while praying for the healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual sufferings and diseases.

We thank the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for their gracious gift to the church that brings healing to both soul and body

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