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Restoration Work at Holy Trinity Monastery
Help Repair the Icon Studio's Roof - 10/04/16

Dear Supporters of Holy Trinity Monastery,
The original roof of the Icon Studio building has finally lost its structural integrity, its wooden frame damaged by the heavy rains and snow of upstate New York. Water is leaking directly into the workshop, and we worry that the roof will not be able to survive the harsh winter conditions that are rapidly approaching. Therefore, we need to raise $36,000 by November 1 for this rebuilding project, and we need your support to achieve this!
The current building was built in the 1990s as a new home for the Icon Studio founded by the renowned iconographer, Fr. Kyprian Pyzhov, who was instrumental in returning Russian iconography back to its traditional roots. In this way, he founded the Jordanville style, known for its simplicity and dynamism. With faithfulness to tradition and a distinctive style, Fr. Kyprian's work was highly prized, and he was commissioned to paint murals for cathedrals and churches from Luxembourg to San Francisco. 
The popularity of Fr. Kyprian's icons as well as his reputation for living a holy life drew disciples to him who would continue his work. To this day, the Icon Studio is very active with an inventory of approximately 1000 images on file. It acts as both a workshop that produces icons for purchase (both hand painted and mounted prints) and a training center for anyone who wants to learn the craft from master iconographers. 
Please help us continue our work and preserve the memory of Fr. Kyprian! May God bless your generosity!

Please donate by using the PayPal button below. Please write “Icon Studio" in the "Add special instructions to the seller" section of the donation review page.

You can also write a check to Holy Trinity Monastery with "Icon Studio" in the memo. Please mail checks to Holy Trinity Monastery, P.O. Box 36, Jordanville, NY 13361.

May God bless you for your generosity!

With love in Christ,
Archimandrite Luke
Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery

Check Donations may be sent to:

Holy Trinity Monastery
PO Box 36
Jordanville, NY 13361 USA

Please use the button below to send your online donation. Thank you for your support.

Present and Past Renovation Projects

Current High-Priority Repairs, Remodeling, Renovation Issues:

  • New plumbing system for main monastic building (replacement of all drain pipes from 4th floor to basement, replacement of hot/cold main black water-lines from origination points in basement to 4th floor): $30,000 minimum for materials, not including labor (labor cost contractor estimates are difficult to assess due to unknown variables, hidden costs, unexpected issues. Conservative labor estimates start at a minimum of $30,000 to $50,000);
  • Complete demolition and remodeling of bathrooms on 3rd and 4th floors (as dictated by new plumbing system);
  • New rewiring of electrical system for main church originating at new panel: (labor cost contractor estimates are difficult to assess due to unknown variables, hidden costs, unexpected issues. Conservative estimates start at a minimum of $22,000 and up);
  • Repair of main church roof on south side: $30,000 minimum;
  • New installation of septic system from main monastic building according to NY State inspection: $57,000;
  • Replacement of all 117 windows in main monastic building: $75,800 based on conservative estimates dated 02/2015;
  • Replacement of one boiler in main monastic building (recommendation dated 2 years ago): 11,000
  • Replacement of one boiler in house 1435 St. Rt.167 ( recommendation dated 2 years ago): 5,800
  • Repair septic system Dormitory building : 3,400                                         
  • Installation NYSEG : power for cemetery chapel, house, new cemetery: 19,700
  • Installation new service from electric pole: 12,900

If you would like to donate to a specific project please contact the monastery.

Past Projects

Below is a short report on the major expenditures that have been incurred over the last 24 months:

  • Repairs of main church roof made in three phases on North side: $39,000;
  • Installation of new commercial boiler for office building: $11,250;
  • Repairs of cemetery chapel include façade, main dome, floor, new stucco: $27,000;
  • Repairs of 4-car garage roof: $11,000;
  • Repairs of main garage next to main monastic building included siding, windows, & insulation: $26,000;
  • Installation of new filtering system in main building: $5,500;
  • Installation of climate control system for archives and library: $14,000;
  • Repairs of main church’s masonry: $19,000;
  • 2nd phase of tank removal (2014-2015) & soil decontamination/removal: $460,000;
  • Replacement of stucco on main church: $18,400;
  • Renovation of house no. 147B from water damage: $21,000;
  • New flat roof main building :$ 13,000
  • Replacement seven pressure tanks :$ 10,000   
  • Total = $675,150.00
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