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Restoration Work at Holy Trinity Monastery
Exterior Repairs of Church and Seminary Building - 06/21/14

Work has begun to replace many of the bricks around the Church and Seminary building that have fallen or broken over the years due to weather damage.

Roof Insulation of Monastic Dormitory Complete - 02/09/14

The insulation of the roof of the monastic dormitory is now comple.

New Internet Fiber Optic Cable Delivered for Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary - 01/13/14

On December 30 2013 Verizon delivered into the monastery Fiber Optic cable which will serve for the expanding needs of the Publications Office and Bookstore,  Seminary and new Phone System...

Delivery of Insulation for Roof of Monastic Dormitory - 01/13/14

On December 23 2013 we received a delivery of insulation for the roof of the monastic dormitory. Unfortunately the whole building is not insulated and much heat is being lost due to this. We are now in the beginning stages of insulating parts of  the building to bring sown the cost of heating.

New Boiler and Pumps for West Side of Monastic Dormitory - 01/13/14

The old boiler for heating  was replaced in the west side of the monastic dormitory along with all the pumps in December of 2013.  This project cost $12,000.

West side of Monastic Dorm Building Plumbing Work - 01/10/14

 A lot of the plumbing work for the new building on the west side of the monastic dormitory has been completed. Initially water softeners were installed a few months ago and now many of the pipes that were partially clogged with various deposits were replaced.

Monastery Office Renovations and New Holy Trinity Publications Office Area Created - 11/01/13

Holy Trinity Publications offices will  soon be all under one  area which is currently renovated next to the Monastery office.

Monastery Summer Kitchen and Garage Renovation - October 2013 - 11/01/13

Restoration Work at Holy Trinity Monastery - September 2013 Update - 09/03/13

By God's grace work is continuing to complete as much as possible outside work before winter sets in. Stucco work is continuing in the Cemetery Chapel which will be followed by the placing of a new floor as it is raising due to water absorption, fixing the interior to prevent leaks  and upgrading the electrical work. The summer kitchen that is used as an extra trapeza for pilgrims and the music school was found to be in a very bad condition with much of the framing having decayed right through. Also roof repairs are being made where needed before winter sets in. God willing plumbing work will begin during the winter. 

Restoration Work at Holy Trinity Monastery - August 2013 Update - 08/22/13

Since our last update with phase one of the electrical work at Holy Trinity Monastery we are now continuing with phase two of rewiring each floor by disabling old electrical panels and connecting everything to the new panels  and then beginning the difficult task of running new wires to each room. We have also begun doing exterior stucco work repairs for the Holy Trinity Monastery Cathedral as well as the Dormition Chapel in the Cemetery as over the years the old stucco was crumbling. Exterior repair work is already in progress for the main monastery garages which over the years have begun to decay in many areas forcing us to close the outdoor rest rooms due to water coming in through the roof. The Kitchen project is currently in its last stage of planning which we hope to complete  by the end of the year and also replace the septic system. We will  be posting more pictures as work progresses.

Repairs are very costly and we appreciate your continued prayeful and finacial support!

Restoration Work at Holy Trinity Monastery - Phase One of Electrical Upgrade - 06/15/13

We have begun the first phase of the electrical upgrade to the main monastic dormitory and the Cathedral. This involves adding 4, 100 amp fused disconnects in main electrical room in the basement of the monastery, installing conduits , cabling and 42 main lug panels on all floors and the church as well as running new undeground cable from the dormitory to the Church. This phase is nearly complete. The next stage is the most difficult and time consuming stage of the project which will require the rewiring of the buildings, disabling and removing old wiring and connecting new wires to the new panels. We ask for your support to help us continue this work.

Thank you for your Support of Holy Trinity Monastery - 03/01/13

We are grateful!

We pray that God will mercifully bless and reward all the kind donors, the laborers of the Fund for Assistance, and the Eastern American Diocesan Council who generously support Holy Trinity Monastery. Your continued assistance will help us maintain the many buildings of Holy Trinity Monastery which is the home for our Monastic Brotherhood, our seminarians, the alumni among all ranks of our clergy, and the thousands of pilgrims who visit us throughout the year. We are deeply grateful for the love and attention you have shown us.

Love in Christ,

Archimandrite Luke
and the Brotherhood of Holy Trinity Monastery

Appeal of Metropolitan Hilarion - 01/05/13

Dear in the Lord reverend Fathers, brothers, and sisters, Whenever we are in need or in sorrow, we turn our prayers to our Lord, His Mother, and the holy saints. At the same time, our Orthodox monastics are in constant prayer for us and for the entire world every day of their lives. It is in our best interests, as well as being our solemn duty as Orthodox Christians, to support the life of our monks and nuns.

Urgent Meeting at Jordanville - 12/18/12

The First Hierarch of ROCOR, His Eminence Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York, expressed his deep concern over the critical condition in which Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY – the oldest monastery in the Russian Church Abroad – finds itself. Holy Trinity Monastery is facing serious financial difficulties as a result of necessary renovations to the property, which will cost the monastery an estimated three million dollars.

Check Donations may be sent to:

Holy Trinity Monastery
PO Box 36
Jordanville, NY 13361 USA

Please use the button below to send your online donation. Thank you for your support.

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